Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Does this pyramid make my ass look fat?

Hi. How are you? It's, uh, been a while. I have no excuse, save for sheer laziness. I honestly don't spend a whole bunch o' time on the computer these days and that's a good thing for me and for my family and for my poor pasty, indoor-all-the-time complexion. But it's not so great for the whole blogging upkeep.

So, since my brother thinks I fell into a sand dune and asphyxiated, I thought maybe it was time to post a wee update. Let me see if I can cram 2 or 3 months worth of "OMG what the hell have you been up to?!?!" in one post.

To start with, Blaine healed magnificently from the lip/lost tooth bike trauma. He was a champ. Unless he smiles and you see the big gap in his mouth, you would never know that he had eaten pavement. He is doing awesome in school. Had a perfect report card. Yeah, yeah, I know. It's only Kindergarten, but I'm wallowing in the good grades now just in case we have trouble in the teen years.

Kyra is still my number one hooliganka. She actually calls herself "GANKA!" as she runs hari-kari through the house on a mission to destroy something else. She's talking more - of course her favorite things to say are more like missives to her adoring public than general conversation, but hey, I take what I can get. So when she looks at me and demands "mower miwlk" I request that she adds a "pwease" and then I go get her more milk. Or juice. Or water. Anything that she can drink is called milk. She also refuses to say her name these days. If you ask her to say Kyra, she will look you dead in the eye and say sweetly "BABY!" She's a hoot.

Dave is still travelling hither and yon for his job. His brother and sister-in-law just came and visited for a week. They left on Saturday and David left on Sunday for a 2 week trip. Whee. Same as it ever was.

I am still working part-time. I like my job quite a bit but it can be demanding and stressful and sometimes I get worn out trying to juggle everything - Blaine's school, single parenting when David's gone, working, and still have time for myself. I'm lucky though. I have a great nanny - and before anyone says "oh, must be so tough to have a nanny" I have to say "you move to the other side of the world, away from all of your extended family and friends." It's a trade off, you see. I live in a place where the majority of public restrooms consist of a hole in the ground. Therefore, I get to have a nanny. That's my logic.

Another benefit of living overseas, having a really good nanny and having a husband that travels frequently is the ability to sometimes join your husband on his trips. Dave spent a few weeks in Cairo earlier this month and I flew out, by myself, to join him for a few days. Cairo was awesome. Sitting poolside at the Marriott, having ice cold strawberry daiquiris delivered to me from the staff, and not having to constantly be on full alert (because kids + pool = disaster, at least in my world) was, in a word, AWESOME.

Also awesome were the pyramids. For those of you who are friends and family on my flickr account I have finally uploaded the photos. For those of you who aren't here are a few (plus a few gratuitous shots of my kids because they are so cute).

So there you have it. See you back here in a few months!

With our friends on horseback at the pyramids. Heidi and I were NOT thrilled with Dave's suggestion to ride horses. But, dammit, we did it.

Cairo's version of "Hey does that thing have a hemi?"

Easter photos. Yes. It has been that long since I posted pictures of the kids. Blaine and Kyra totally dig the Easter Bunny. Who wouldn't? The guy brings free chocolate!

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Cassie said...

I don't care how you justify having a nanny.. I'm still jealous! ;)